‘Plan Things Perfectly to Execute Them Accurately.’

Are you always in a crunch, forever in rush? Then you must be having a tough time at orderliness. But your hassle ends right here. A college schedule maker will minimize all your hustle and complications of not being able to keep your tasks and activities in order.

Especially, when you’re a college student, falling off of your track isn’t something that you can afford. A college is a phase that constructs you for real-life challenges and hence, a schedule builder is a prerequisite for college students. This class schedule maker will save your life big time!


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What is a College Schedule Maker?

A schedule builder is a systematic way to lay-out a plan for your whole day. It allows you to fix your tasks, meetings, and classes in a specified time period. You can plan out your day in advance so that you have a real shot at following the same.

How Do You Use the Schedule Builder?

Unlike other online platforms, this free schedule maker is not difficult to create and function. Check out the subsequent steps to create your own personalized schedule.

  • Click on Add item.
  • A dialogue box will appear where you can insert the name of your task. For example, if you have the first lecture on Zoology, name the task by that.
  • Now quite evidently, you’ll have more than one lecture during the day. So, add the timings accordingly.
  • Continue adding different tasks and call it a day when you want to.

Understanding of the Features

Take a look at the top left corner of your schedule. You’ll see certain options right there. To understand them better, keep on reading.

Edit Item

Uncertainties are a part and parcel of human lives. The flow of events keeps changing according to various factors. For instance, you might get your lectures’ timing changed. However, if you’ve already created your schedule, you do not need to worry. You can edit your schedule even after building it with extreme ease in this college schedule maker. It is a free and easy-to-use class schedule maker.

Delete Item

As aforementioned, things keep changing. You might get your last lecture canceled and get notified on that day itself. Again, you don’t need to stress over it or remake your whole schedule. You can simply delete task(s) even after creating them.

Save Image

Not only can you take a screenshot of your tasks, but we have an option that allows you to save your schedule as a high-quality image on your device. This college schedule maker is flexible and how!


Many people prefer hard copies over soft copies even in this digital era. We are user-friendly for such people. You can take a printout of your schedule after creating it.


People use different social media platforms in the 21st century. And happy to tell you, you can export a copy of your schedule to your desired application(s.) For instance, if you want to send your schedule to your friend, you can easily send the copy to him or her.


If you have already created a schedule from our site, you can import that document conveniently as well. The college schedule maker will allow you to do that very easily.

New Schedule

There’s no limit to creating schedules. You can generate a plethora of them. After making one schedule and successfully saving it, if you want to generate more schedules, you can absolutely do that. Just click on a new schedule and then follow the same procedure.


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Some Other Important Features of College Schedule Maker

In addition to the above features, we have some extra features that can make your work even easier. They are listed below.

  • You can add different colors to your distinguished tasks.
  • You can customize the hour timings.
  • You can decide the first day of the week as per your preference.
  • You can decide the duration of your task timings.
  • You can decorate the schedule as you like to. For instance: The border color.
  • You can minimize/maximize the schedule height.
  • There’s an option where you can draw out the weekends for your regular breaks.
  • You can give a title to your schedule.

Highlights of Our Schedule Builder

Now you possess a fair share of understanding regarding what our site is all about and the features of the schedule that we offer. So, check out the other highlights of our schedule builder for college students below.

Unlimited Use

You can use the scheduler maker as many times as you like. Many people have a habit of maintaining macro and detailed schedules, we are user-friendly for them. You can generate unlimited schedules from our site.

Free of Charge

Many online platforms offer schedules by charging some amount. But we don’t charge you a single cent. You can use college schedule maker free. You can generate your schedules absolutely free and free of charge. Not once, not twice, but for as many times as you want to create a schedule.